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Team spirit and fitness
Team spirit and fitness

Catch the sports you don’t get to see on TV

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active sports network women in sport
Stories that focus on women's sports
Stories that focus on women's sports

We want on inspire the next generation of female sporting stars by showcasing the success of women in sport.

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“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”

Billie Jean King
What We Do

We bring the sport to a screen near you, converting fans into participants.

Accessible sports

Introducing viewers to new sports and activities that they can watch then take up themselves.

Satisfying a global appetite

By capturing the passion and sense of adventure that sports can bring, we hope to satisfy the appetite of fans and get them involved in sports and healthy activities.

Curated content

We source the best videos and TV series, from around the world, that capture the the true spirit that sporting activities can bring.

Special focus on women’s sports

Showcasing women in sport, to inspire a new generation of female sporting stars

Teach new sporting skills

If you want to know how to learn to ski or abseil, or just improve your techniques and skills in tennis or badminton, our expert guides will help you.

Seeking Adventure

Find the perfect place around the globe to take up your chosen sport or activity, with our resort and location guides.

Mark Dodd
Founder & CEO

Having worked in video media for most of his career and having discovered the excitement of mountain sports later in his life, Mark wanted to combine the power of video and motivate viewers to actively get involved in sport, no matter what age they are .

Thats why he has developed and launched The Active Sports Network, along with his media partners Canis television and Media.



About Us

We bring the best in sport style videos to you 24/7

Available on your TV and mobile devices.


Streaming channel and a VOD service.

watch now.

Clients are excited about showcasing their resorts and activities.

“Watching videos of our mountain locations is so much more exciting for our customers.”

Erika Allen
Founder, Pacific Revival

“The videos make taking up a sport much more relevant.”

Jack Bradley
Marketing, Landlock

“I love watching the look on our skydivers as they jump for the very first time. You will too.”

Jessica Smith
Account Manager, Skyhigh Dives

It doesn’t matter if you’re if you are an expert intermediate or novice. We have every kind of video for you

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